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Introducing Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright Ph.D.

Hello and thank you for visiting Drfulbright.com.
I am a sexuality educator, author and professor at American University, Argosy University and Penn State University. I have been teaching about Sexuality and wellness for over 16 years.

The products offered in my Savvy line of intimate massagers, stimulators and exercisers are positive additions for sexual health, sensuality, and enhancing relationships. Each category within the Savvy brand is based on main sexual wellness categories such as, Prostate Health and Kegel Exercising. Each category features a brief video and item demonstration for your reference. Please feel free to explore my Savvy offerings and should you have any questions or comments I encourage you to use the 'Ask Yvonne' comment box.

And remember, you deserve savvy, sexual satisfaction. You deserve sensual pleasure. And in taking care of your sexual wellness, you're taking care of your overall health.

Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD

Dr. Yvonne has appeared on countless news and entertainment outlets worldwide:

As well as: The New York Times, Playboy, Men's Health, The Today Show, Vh1, CNN, The Tyra Banks Show, Women's Health, WebMD, The New York Post and Esquire Magazine.

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